2019 Broadband Summit

APCO International has merged Envision and the Public Safety Broadband Summit into an exciting new interactive NG9-1-1-focused event taking place in May 2020. Visit our Nexus site for more information.

The Broadband Summit is the premier annual, DC-based opportunity to discuss the latest technology advancements impacting public safety communications networks.

Who should attend

Anyone interested in:

  • What it will take to fully deploy Next Generation 9-1-1 nationwide
  • The very latest developments on Capitol Hill concerning reclassification of 911 professionals and efforts to achieve significant federal funding for NG9-1-1
  • Perspectives of leading 911 directors on today’s challenges and preparing for the future
  • The views of a variety of technology solution providers on getting information into ECCs and actionable incident information out to field responders
  • The cyber threat landscape of public safety communications
  • What federal policy leaders are focusing on when it comes to emergency communications
  • The opportunities available from the internet of things for ECCs

Learning objectives

  • What NG9-1-1 needs to mean for 911 professionals
  • How APCO is working to get the resources 911 professionals need to achieve NG9-1-1
  • What is on the minds of policymakers in Washington DC regarding the future of emergency communications
  • How 911 directors approach today’s challenges and are preparing for the future
  • How technology solution providers are innovating to meet public safety’s requirements
  • How to assess, prepare for, and respond to cyber threats
  • The opportunities and challenges that technologies such as the internet of things present for ECCs

Public Safety Communications Leadership in Policy Awards Dinner 
APCO International will host its 15th Annual Public Safety Communications Leadership in Policy Awards Dinner on May 21, 2019, in Arlington, VA. Learn more at leadersdinner.apcointl.org.